How to Use Spy Dialer?

The Spy Dialer is a web tool that can be used basically to obtain information based on inputs. It can be used to extract contact information such as a cellphone or telephone number, name, address, and email address. It is most useful for when there is someone who calls you but you don’t know who he or she is and you were called by an unknown number. By using the Spy Dialer, you can possibly know who that person is. This function by the web tool sounds so simple and easy. But the question really is how does the Spy Dialer work and how is it used?

Spy Dialer Versions

The owner of the company responsible for developing the Spy Dialer is JK. He is a licensed private investigator who heads a team of specialists and experts in the area of phone numbers and investigations of phone numbers. The company offers three versions of Spy Dialer: the Share version, the Pay version, and the Free version.

The share version requires a user to share his or her address book with the Spy Dialer web tool. In return, the user will be provided with 100 spy dials per day for each person or device. The pay version requires a payment of up to $10 a year. In return, the user is provided with 100 spy dials each day. And finally, the free version offers 3 spy dials per person or device per day.

Using the Spy Dialer

To be able to use this tool, you must visit the website The homepage of the website gives you the option to search for information based on a phone number, email address, address, or name of a person. Of course, the most commonly used function is the search for details using a phone number. Here, the user can input a phone number and in return, the Spy Dialer will try to find out to whom that number belongs. This is especially helpful if the user wants to find out a mysterious caller.

Various Uses of the Spy Dialer

The different ways of using the Spy Dialer are the following:

  • When an unknown number keeps on calling you but you don’t want to answer it, you can use the Spy Dial to find out who he or she is.
  • When you accidentally delete or erase someone’s contact number, you can recover it using the Spy Dialer.
  • If you get missed calls from an unknown source, you can use a spy dialer to find out where the phone call is coming.

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